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...even the Daily Mail thinks this is too far
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Author:  efsb [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:16 pm ]
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I've just had a row with the writer Susan Hill on Twitter about her "good friend" Michael Gove - I told her, in no uncertain terms, what I - and other people - think of him. She could only defend him in terms along the lines of "he's my friend" and "he's studied education in other countries for 7 years".... No doubt with the new surveillance rules I'll get the sack when I return to school after Easter....

I've just gone off her, big time. Silly woman.

Author:  beaux nidle [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:44 pm ]
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well done that man, they need telling :evil:

Author:  Longpigsdad [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:25 pm ]
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This is a difficult issue. My belief is that those who are fit to do work or some form of work should do so and where this is not easily possible be helped to acheive this position. Those who can't perform work should be supported by the State to lead a diginified and relatively comfortable life.

The difficulty is in "grey areas" where there are people who could work (disabled or otherwise) but choose not to. It seems that the system employs people and processes that are "black and white" and common sense does not prevail. Everyone is treated the same but State organisations do not empower the majority of their people with responsibility or authority to make well-balanced decisions and we get into the types of nonsense detailed in this thread.

Author:  Shambolic Charm [ Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:47 am ]
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A few issues with that
1) there is not and there is not likely to ever be full employment or anywhere near it. The disabled are at the back of the queue with Jobs. So what exactly are you preparing them for? More realistic would be to allow some sort of Cooperative or self employment fund along with any training. something like the Princes trust but for those with Disabilities. this Tory delusion of making factory fodder of the disabled is just causing unnecessary pressure on people who's life is already burdened with difficulty.
2) There are many illnesses that are not consistent in their impact. Many peoples Disability varies from day to day hour to hour. how in our speed fed capitalist system are such people supposed to be integrated into the job market? They should be answering this before they start screwing these people over.
3) It is very difficult with a lot of illnesses to define exactly how 'ill' or disabled the person is and the rise and fall of their stamina. It is also rather sad that our society has reached such a cold exploitative level that they should be judging such things on such a scale. In the sixties they used to talk about how machines and Technology would usher in an 'Age of Leisure' instead we are assessing the likes of those with Multiple Sclerosis to see how much work we can squeeze out of them. Why? Because all the wealth generated by this technology is being held by the richest portion of our society. Graphs studying this show the Gap between top and lowest earnings to have been smallest in the 70's and now up to the absurd levels that heralded in the great depression.

If the Tories are so keen to get the disabled working , why have they scrapped the Remploy scheme losing 1700 disabled people their jobs and cutting 30% DLA which for many working disabled people allows them to get their jobs without eating into their paltry wages.

The whole thing is a cost cutting sham

Author:  Richard Hawley [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:46 am ]
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Total bastards

Author:  Shambolic Charm [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:39 am ]
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This article in the Mirror says, on average 32 people a week die shortly after being found fit for work. aside from this proving how wrong the assessments are, it disgusts me to imagine how under pressure these poor people must have felt in their last days on this earth. ... ng-in.html

Lets hope this country throws this lot out on their ear at the first available opportunity!

Author:  Susie [ Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ...even the Daily Mail thinks this is too far

I found the information about Fight the Remploy Closures rallies on one of the climate change websites I look at.

Friday 20 April 2012

Lobby the DWP in Sheffield - The campaign to save Remploy factories continues
Assemble 12.30 for a 1pm start outside the Department of Work and Pensions office in Sheffield (Steel City House) at the junction of West Street, Church Street and Tripit Lane.

Rally and March to the Town Hall

Thursday 19 April – 7.30pm
The Venue, ULU, Malet Street
London WC1E 7HY

Speakers include:
John McDonnell MP – Chair Right to Work campaign
Gail Cartmail – Unite Assistant General Secretary
Les Woodward – GMB National Convenor of Remploy
Rob Murthwaite – Disabled People Against Cuts ... -april-19/

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