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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:39 am 
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Pretty much since it's inception the NHS has been used as a political football, decried as inefficient thanks to the previous policies of each government. It gets moaned about left, right and centre but I think it is a fucking marvellous, if imperfect, institution.

We've got to remember that the NHS effectively provides a service for around 60 million people on a budget which is significantly smaller than which private industries operate with. Obviously things are going to slip occasionally but generally the NHS is magic and, given all the current debate about 'Britishness' it is one of the things I would point to and say 'yes, that makes me proud to be British. A system we all contribute to and share equally amongst ourselves.

My mother, who is a European immigrant incidentally, worked within the NHS for almost forty years and would never dream of working in private health care. It wasn't just a job but a social contribution.
In the last year the NHS saved the life of my father-in-law who had stomach cancer. It has treated every member of my family when they've needed to be treated.
In Denmark, a country we've always looked at as an enviable sociable model, my 84 year old Grandmother was released from hospital when clearly unable to look after herself. My parents arrived at her house and found her dehydrated and close to death. When they called the local GP to come and look at her the cunt refused because he didn't feel it was neccesary. My parents found the local system there completely unsatisfactory and had to do an enourmous amount of work to ensure she received the treatment she required. Now, this situation could also occur in the UK but there is still a huge strand of disatisfied middle England who carp on about how marvellous the health care systems are in other countries. Fine, go and pay for it then. (incidentally I don't have a particular problem with private healthcare, if you can afford it, use it, it takes some of the burden off the NHS plus you'll still be contributing via National Insurance.)
As we are continually being persuaded to think of ourselves as consumers in all situations I think that what is important in our healthcare is what we need not what we want and the professionals in the NHS are the people to make those decisions. We are patients, not clients.

Bless the NHS.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:13 pm 
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I am all for the NHS, nurses and doctors do a great job, etc, and I will defend the prnciples of the service ot the hilt.

HOWEVER I have just rang my dentist to arrange an appointment (loose filling, too many creme eggs!!!) to be told that I've 'been removed from their list' Why? Because I cancelled two appointments at short notice!!!!!

I pointed out that this 'condition' has never been explained to me, nor was I informed, when cancelling the appointments, that I was breaching my part of some sort of contract (even 'though I had no knowledge of that).

I was told that because my practice is NHS they can't wait for 'people like me'.

So I'm off to find some stumps of wood to prop my teeth up while I find another NHS dentist. Which will be like trying to knit fog. :twisted:

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