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The Passenger, finally?!
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Author:  Myra [ Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  The Passenger, finally?!

After one meeeeeellion years of fuckery, it would appear that Cormac McCarthy's The Passenger may be released next year. Did he finally get it together, do you think? Might be, looks that way. If you can stand the enraging ad popups, here's a good thorough article with the latest goings-on:

I like how the one dude is all smarmy: " Good luck finding a way to sell this one, book people."

Um, yeah...don't worry, I think we got this. I personally sold about 50 copies each of No Country for Old Men and The Road by passionate one-on-one word-of-mouth, and probably another 75 each with formal written recommendations. People are too hung up on genres and pigeonholing, but this author defies that shit with a vengeance, soooooooo, y'know, have a little faith. ;)

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