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Ignorance and fear
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Author:  Poppy Dog [ Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

I yn gwybod.

Author:  loftyeric2 [ Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

I'm going to have to think about this, before I attempt an answer.

Author:  Myra [ Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

The motherfucking media, and its slaves. People are like packs of wild dogs. No no no. No, that's not right. Dogs are just hungry, they're just trying to survive, which is why they sometimes turn on each other. We eat each other just for the sake of eating each other. It's more like this. People are like flesh-eating zombies. Mindless, dead inside, stumbling around with no concept of the world or their place in it. We are supposed to be (we allegedly are) evolved beings with high faculties, but you wouldn't know it. It really has become a matter of survival, self-preservation. Weak minds and developing minds are easy prey, so susceptible to the poison ladled out on a daily basis. The irrational, unprovoked hate people have for each other, how they turn on each other, it's a disease. A pervasive sickness. The cure? I don't know. We're working on it. Clinical trials have been unpromising. In the meantime? Shut your fucking TV off. Stop climbing bullshit mountain. Read something for god's sake, think for yourself, question EVERYTHING, be careful what you put into your brain. Limit yourself to x amount of time on the internet per day. Be aware of what you're clicking on, and what you're scrolling past. Above all, do not read the comment section. Repeat after me. DO. NOT. READ. THE. COMMENT. SECTION. But if you insist on reading the comment section, because I know you will, because mmmmmmm, tasty tasty comments, don't take cheap shots. Don't let other people take cheap shots. Better yet, don't comment at all. Other people are fighting their battles, you have to fight yours, and if we all do that, that's how we get better. Simple prescriptions that only partially keep the insidious infections from creeping in. But so far, that's all I got. I'm still conducting research.

Author:  YouandI [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

Everything, just everything in the media is designed to mislead.

The pressure on media to be a 24 hour instant service has resulted in the spreading of ignorance, fear and despondency. Speculation is so dangerous and in many cases that is all we get, and intruding on people's lives is the norm, even grief is intruded upon now - I saw a comment recently how Alan Rickman's wife arrived back home looking upset (??? leave the poor woman alone, it isn't news!).

All media reporting of it is biased towards one viewpoint or another, it is all subject to either a corporate or a personal view of events. Just like spin with politicians, it can't be trusted. In the end it is down to the audience to try and find a grain of truth amongst the bias.

More regulation is needed, although it won't happen sadly.

Some lyrics from the great Lords of the New Church back in the 90's...........

Video games train the kids for war.
Army chic in high-fashion
Law and order's done their job.
Prisons filled while the rich still rob.
Assassination politics.
Violence rules within' our nation's midst.
Well ignorance is their power tool.
You'll only know what they want you to know.
The television cannot lie.
Controlling media with smokescreen eyes.
Nuclear politicians picture show.
The acting's lousy but the blind don't know.
They scare us all with threats of war.
So we forget just how bad things are.
You taste the fear when you're all alone.
They gonna git'cha when you're on your own.
The silence of conspiracy.
Slaughtered on the altar of apathy.
You gotta wake up from your sleep.
'Cause meek inherits earth...six feet deep.
Open your eyes see the lies right in front of ya.
Open your eyes.....

Author:  Egg [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

Author:  Poppy Dog [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

I'm doing a Welsh speaking course - it should mean 'I don't know' - which is appropriate as 90% of the time I don't know what I am doing on this course.

After two weeks I am on Lesson 6 of....72...

Author:  Egg [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ignorance and fear

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