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Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Recordings

In an attempt to list all recordings I'm creating this thread as a sticky.

I'll do a separate post for each category and would be grateful for any input as to anything I've missed, duplicated, mis-typed etc.

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Official Album Releases on CD

Richard Hawley Setanta 2001 SETCD087 (sometimes known as Prize Bingo)
Coming Home/Bang to Rights/Sunlight/Caravan/Naked in Pitsmoor/Time Has Made a Change/Happy Families
Richard Hawley Setanta SETCD153
As above plus Caned/Cheap Spanish Whine/Sick Pay/Troublesome Waters/Aran Loop

Late Night Final Setanta 2001 SETCD088
Something Is/Baby You’re My Light/Love of My Life/The Nights are Cold/Can You Hear the Rain, Love?/Lonely Night/Precious Sight/No Way Home/Cry a Tear for the Man in the Moon/Long Black Train/The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Was a Train coming the other way)

Lowedges Setanta 2002/3 SETCD110
Run For Me/Darlin’/Oh My Love/The Only Road/On the Ledge/You Don’t Miss Your Water (till your river runs dry)/The Motorcycle Song/It’s Over Love/I’m On Nights/Danny/The Nights Are Made For Us

Coles Corner Mute 2006 CDSTUMM251
Coles Corner/Just Like the Rain/Hotel Room/Darlin’ Wait For Me/The Ocean/Born Under a Bad Sign/I Sleep Alone/Tonight/(Wading Through) The Waters Of My Time/Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?/Last Orders

Lady’s Bridge Mute 2007 CDSTUMM278 (Green cover background)
Valentine/Roll River Roll/Serious/Tonight the Streets are Ours/Lady Solitude/Dark Road/The Sea Calls/Lady’s Bridge/I’m Looking For Someone to Find Me/Our Darkness/The Sun Refused to Shine
Lady’s Bridge Mute 2007 LCDSTUMM278 (brown cover background)
as above plus a DVD with a short film called Now Then and the Tonight the Streets are Ours video

Live at the Devil’s Arse 5th December 2008 Mute/Live Here Now
Darlin’/I’m On Nights/Serious/Sea Calls/Lady’s Bridge/I Wonder If I Care as Much/Ashes on the Fire/Just Like the Rain/Wading Through the Waters/Lady Solitude/Devil in Disguise/Silent Night/Baby You’re My Light

Truelove’s Gutter Mute 2009 ACDSTUMM312
As The Dawn Breaks/Open Up Your Door/Ashes on the fire/Remorse Code/Don’t Get Hung Up In Your Soul/Soldier On/For Your Lover Give Some Time/Don’t You Cry

Standing at the Sky’s Edge Parlophone 2012
She Brings the Sunlight/Standing at the Sky’s Edge/Time Will Bring You Winter/Down in the Woods/Seek It/Don’t Stare at the Sun/The Wood Collier’s Grave/Leave Your Body Behind You/Before

Hollow Meadows Parlophone 2015
I Still Want You/The World Looks Down/Which Way/Serenade of Blue/Long Time Down/Nothing Like a Friend/Sometimes I Feel/Tuesday pm/Welcome the Sun/Heart of Oak/What Love Means

Live at the Devil’s Arse 28th April 2017 Live Here Now
As the Dawn Breaks/Ashes on the Fire/Tonight the Streets are Ours/Standing at the Sky’s Edge/Nothing Like a Friend/Tuesday pm/Remorse Code/Leave Your Body Behind You/Just Like the Rain/For Your Lover Give Some Time/The Nights are Cold/Heart of Oak/What Love Means/Son of a Gun

Funny Cow Soundtrack CADIZ MUSIC 2018 – Hawley tracks:
Funny Cow/I Still Want You with Corinne Bailey Rae/Laundrette Accordian/Funny Cow (instrumental)/Leaving Mike’s House/Walking Round the Bookshop/A Little Bit More/End Hospital Sequence/End Sequence/Funny Cow (reprise)

Further BMG 2019
Off My Mind/Alone/My Little Treasures/Further/Emilina Says/Is There a Pill/Galley Girl/Not Lonely/Time Is/Midnight Train/Doors

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Official Releases on 12” Vinyl
Richard Hawley
Late Night Final
Coles Corner
Lady’s Bridge
Live at the Devil’s Arse 5th December 2008
Truelove’s Gutter (Limited Edition) (includes CD)
Standing at the Sky’s Edge (includes CD)
Hollow Meadows
Live at the Devil’s Arse 28th April 2017
Funny Cow
Further Picture Disk (official store only)
Further Orange Vinyl (record stores)

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Official Singles and Eps on CD
Coming Home/Caned/Cheap Spanish Whine Setanta 2001
Baby You’re My Light/Baby’s Back/Sick Pay /Setanta 2001/2002
Run For Me/Troublesome Waters/Aran Loop Setanta 2003
The Ocean (single version)/The Ocean (album version) Mute 2005
Coles Corner/I’m Absolutely Hank Marvin (architecture photo) Mute 2005
Born Under a Bad Sign/Dark Road/Just Like the Rain (Video) Mute 2006
Coles Corner/Long Black Train (RH with guitar photo) Mute 2006
Just Like The /Rain/Room with a View/Long Black Veil Mute 2006
Hotel Room/Young and Beautiful Mute 2006
Tonight the Streets Are Ours/Vickers Road CD1 of 2CD – purple background Mute 2007
Tonight the Streets are Ours/I Sleep Alone/Coming Home (both live at Sheffield City Hall) CD2 of 2CD – red background Mute 2007
Serious/Water Boy/Let it Come Slowly Towards You (grey brick background to photo) Mute 2007
Serious/Poor Boy (red brick background to cover) Mute 2007
Valentine/Sheffield on Sea/Roll River acoustic Mute 2007

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Official 10” vinyl
False Lights From the Land EP (includes CD)
Remorse Code/Shallow Brown (featuring the Smoke Fairies)/The Ellen Vannin Tragedy (featuring the Smoke Fairies)/There’s a Storm A Comin’ (short version)
Rockabilly Radio – Richard Hawley and the Feral Cats from the film Flick (download available with the Lady’s Bridge EP)
Rollin’ and Tumblin’ one track Record Store Day release 2014
Leave Your Body Behind You/You Haunt Me (available to download)
Down in the Woods/Kindly Rain (Kindly rain not available to download)
Seek It/Big Sister (available to download)
Don’t Stare At The Sun/Run For Me (Version Two) (available to download)

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Official 7” Vinyl (noting which tracks not on CD/album are available to download)
Hotel Room/Some Candy Talking (available to download)
Coles Corner/A Bird Never Flew On One Wing (available to download) 2005 release
Coles Corner/Can You Hear the Rain Love (live acoustic version) (Can You Hear not available to download) 2006 release
Born Under a Bad Sign/I’m Just Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail (available to download)
The Ocean/Kelham Island (available to download)
Tonight the Streets Are Ours/Vickers Road
Serious/Poor Boy
Valentine/Lonesome Town
I Still Want You/Tuesday pm (live acoustic) (available to download)
Heart of Oak/Stars (available to download)
Funny Cow/A Little Bit More Record Store Day release 2018

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Live Tracks on Officially Released Compilations
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry with Jools Holland, album Moving Out to the Country
Valentine (live) – Later Live (Jools Holland)
Early Morning Rain – Starbucks CD Sweetheart Canada release
Hushabye Mountain with Lisa Hannigan - Street Lights CD and download

Download Only
Down in the Woods – 2012 Barclaycard Mercury Prize Performance
Open Up Your Door/Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Soul/Run For Me Marc Riley BBC6 session
iTunes Live from London (Apple Store Regent Street 2007
Just Like The Rain/Tonight the Streets are Ours/Born Under a Bad Sign/Roving Gambler/Lonesome Town/I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Lady’s Bridge EP – includes The Sea Calls and Roll River Roll live from Sheffield and Rockabilly Radio
Serious Not So Serious
There’s a Storm a Comin’ (long version) from the film Brighton Rock – included with the iTunes download of Sky’s Edge album.
Lonesome Town - Other Voices Series 7 (live)
Ashes on the Fire/Open Up The Door/Serious – Other Voices Series 8 (live)
Crawfish/Devil in Disguise/Girl on Death Row/I’m Waiting for the Man – Other Voices Series 9 (live)
For Your Lover single - Sorry I Lost My Way/Born Under a Bad Sign (instrumental)
Tonight the Streets are Ours live at Glastonbury – Oxfam presents
Born Under a Bad Sign acoustic
Ballad of a Thin Man featured in Peaky Binders Series 5 Episode 6

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Official Songs either on promo or free CDS
That’s Alright Mama – Setanta one track promo CDR promo
Down In the Woods (edit, album track and instrumental) CD
For Your Lover Give Some Time (edit, album track and instrumental) CD
For Your Lover Give Some Time/Sorry I Lost My Way/Born Under a Bad sign instrumental CD – (Sorry I Lost My Way available to download)
Seek It (edit, album track, instrumental)
Don’t Stare at the Sun (edit, album track, instrumental)
Leave Your Body Behind You (edit, album track, instrumental)
I Still Want You (album track and instrumental)
Heart of Oak (edit, album track and instrumental)
Instrumental promo albums of Coles Corner, Lady’s Bridge and Truelove’s Gutter
Silent Night – free single given to attendees of City Hall gig December 2006 also available on the Mojo free CD ‘Festive Fifteen’
Some Candy Talking – Q Magazine compilation (see also 7” vinyl list)
Born Under a Bad Sign (live) - Virgin Radio Sessions Promo CD vol 29

Other recordings which are no longer available
Glenfiddich Presents Dufftown Songs (free downloads via the Guardian, also performed live in London on 6 December 2010 at a very small gig in a bar in Trafalgar Square)
In a Barrel/Opening the Bottle/The River

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Heights Soundtrack various artists (producer)
Big Melt
Love is All (DVD available)
Funny Cow
Pond Life (releasing April 2019) song Lady of the Lake
Denmark (TBA)

Songs Used in Films/Adverts/TV
Haagan Das advert Open Up Your Door
The Simpsons Tonight the Streets are Ours
Nick and Noras Infinite Play List Baby You're My Light
Exit Through the Gift Shop Tonight the Streets are Ours

Urban Myths The Dali and the Cooper soundtrack with Jarvis (music now available as an exclusive extra with the Jarv IS Beyond the Pale sold at Indie Record Stores - Suite for Iain and Jane).

Film Appearances
Funny Cow

(Played on the soundtrack of Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet)

Songs done by Other Artists
After the Rain – Shirley Bassey – Performance
How Do You Fly This Plane/Weary/Storm and Grace/Just a Dream – Lisa Marie Presley – Storm and Grace
The Nights are Cold – Camera Obscura
Just Like the Rain - Macabees
There’s A Storm A Comin – Boz Scaggs
Coles Corner – Tony Christie – Made in Sheffield (RH produced)
You Haunt Me – Lisa Hannigan
Clean - Robbie Williams Life Through a Lens album (co-writer)
Long Black Train - Simple Minds (on the album - Acoustic)
Born Under a Bad Sign - The Crookes (Dreams of Another Day EP)

Appears/Produces/Is Involved with
The Conversation album – Texas (co-writer seven tracks)
Made In Sheffield – Tony Christie
Road Trip – Duane Eddy
A Girl Called Eddy (co-producer, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, glockenspiel, vibraphone, lyre)
Nancy Sinatra - Nancy Sinatra (guitar, harmonica, lyre, vibraphone)
Hoggboy Or8? (producer)
Hoggboy Seven Miles of Love (producer, guitar and co-wrote track Hello)
Relaxed Muscle - album A Heavy Night With (credited as Wayne Marsden - guitar)
The Hosts (producer)
We Love Life - Pulp
Jarvis - Jarvis Cocker (guitars, background vocals, piano, lyre, celeste)
The Silk Ripped Dress - Chicken Legs Weaver (guitar on Monday Man)
Electric Butterfly - Sally Doherty (guitar on Something More, vocals on Milk and Honey)
Further Complications - Jarvis Cocker (guitar)
See - Pete Williams (guitar)
Vagrant Stanzas - Martin Simpson (producer)
Rooted album Martin Simpson (track Neo already available to download) album releases 30 August 2019
Shakespears Sister When She Finds You release date 04.09.19
Stumm433 release date 04.10.19

Mobile Home - Longpigs
Sun is Often Out - Longpigs
So Young - Hoggboy (producer)
Come back Baby - Hoggboy (Little Walter Song)

Backing Musician
Under the Bridge - All Saints
Manna - The Spokesman (1998 guitar and harmonica)
Loud Like Nature - Add N to (X) (guitar on Sheez Mine)
Len Parrot's Memorial Lift - Baxter Dury (guitar on Beneath the Underdog)
Bad Cover Version - Pulp )guitar on Disco 2000)
The Last Great Wilderness - The Pastels (guitar)
Neveroddoreven - I Monster (guitar)
Much More than Much Love - Finley Quaye (guitar)
The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani (guitar on Wonderful Life)
Devil's Guitar - Sirocco Brothers

Shadows Fall – Soulsavers album Broken
Burnt by the Sun – Sophie Solomon album Poison Sweet Madeira
Steel 2 – Dead Man’s Shoes soundtrack
The Fix – Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
The Fix Live - Elbow Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road (CD and DVD - discontinued, vinyl due to be released April 2019)
Lover/Kill 1 Kill 4– Teenage Werewolf
The Cheat – with Jarvis (Lee Hazlewood cover)
Not for the Squeamish – Stephen Singleton
Secret City – Stephen Singleton
Thank You for the Music – Stephen Singleton
You & I – RH and Death Ramps – Black Treacle single
Bad Woman – RH, Death Ramps and Arctic Monkeys – Teddy Picker EP
Bad Woman - Arctics At the Apollo bonus on the DVD (discontinued)
Rewind the Film – with Manic Street Preachers -
No Tears to Cry – with Paul weller live – Find the Torch, Burn the Plans
Faster Faster – Reverend and the Makers
Soul Searchers (RH re-mix) – Paul weller – True Meanings deluxe edition
Andromeda (RH re-mix) - Paul weller - Wake Up the Nation album
A Drop of Nelson's Blood with Jarvis - Rogues Gallery Various Artists

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Longpigs/Pulp/Treebound Story
(Working on it)

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings


This list includes plays, standing in for other DJs and full radio appearances. It does not include where Richard is a guest playing a few songs in a radio show (these will be listed separately)

Afternoon Drama 11.7.14
Bert Weedon BBC Radio 2 26.5.12
Drive Time September 2012
Drunken Sailor BBC Radio 2 22.1.13
First Time BBC 6 Radio 1.8.10
Folk with Eliza Carthy BBC Radio 2 2013
The Verb 7.5.10 and 22.3.17
A Good Read
Hadrian’s Wall
Hawley and Friends BBC 6 Radio 25.12.10
Hawley for Cerys BBC 6 Radio 7.10.12
Hawley for Jarvis 25.4.10
Hawley on Vinyl BBC 6 Radio 1.1.12
The Ocean – 4 Episodes
In Search of the Holy Whale
Only Artists: Keggie Carew and Tony Pitts available as Podcasts
Little Walter
Monster by Tony Pitts Play BBC Radio 4
Interview with Tony Robinson BBC Radio Sheffield 1.9.05
Interview with Toby Foster BBC Radio Sheffield March 2019
Rockabilly Radio 8 Episodes
Tracks of My Years – 5 episodes

TV Shows Including Richard Interviews
Joy of the Single – TV Show
Rock N Roll Band Guitar – tv show

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Songs written by Others
(includes recorded and live performances)

Ain’t That a Shame – Jools Holland TV November 2007
Only Ones Who Know with Alex Turner – Union Chapel
Baby One More Time/Crawfish with Oceana – France 3.2.10
Blue Christmas Carole King and Friends TV Show
Blue Christmas Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Radio 16.12.09
Blue Christmas – Twisted Christmas Barbican 15.12.09
Brand New Cadillac with Mick Jones and Noah Wylie
Corrina Corrina with Boz Scaggs Dylan Fest 23.5.17
Crawfish L’Alhambra Paris 10.2.00
Crawfish Mark Lamar 23.1.10
Crawfish Other Voices
Crawfish Castleton December 2009
Danny Rose Bright Phoebus Revisited
Devil in Disguise Other Voices
Devil in Disguise Castleton
Dig Myself a Hole This Class Works exhibition (Pete McKee) 15.7.18
Dry Your Eyes with Texas Hyde Park 8.9.13
Early Morning Rain Starbucks Canada
Ellen Vannin Tragedy False Lights EP
Get Behind Me (with others) Scott Walker Prom
Girl on Death Row Other Voices
Gun Street Gun 26.07.08
Heartbreak Hotel with Martin Simpson Folk Awards 2014
High Heel Sneakers Feral Cats (?)
House of the Rising Sun Dylan Fest 23.5.17
Hushabye Mountain Other Voices (and other live gigs)
I Wonder If I Care As Much Other Voices (and other live gigs)
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
I’m Waiting for the Man with Echo and the Bunnymen at Tramlines 2010
I’m Waiting for the Man Other Voices
Interstellar Overdrive/The Ocean V Festival 2013
It’s Raining Today Scott Walker Prom
Jackson with Texas Hyde Park 8.9.13
Keep a Knocking with Duane Eddy London Palladium 23.10.18
Lonesome Town
Long Black Veil
Memphis Tennessee with Tom Jones on Jools Holland
Memphis Tennessee with Duane Eddy London Palladium 23.10.18
Montague Terrace in Blue Scott Walker Prom
Motown Junk with the Manic Street Preachers Shepherds Bush Empire 24.9.13
Mystery Train Feral Cats (?)
Mystery Train Shepherds Bush Empire 18.5.06
Old Man’s Back Again Scott Walker Prom
Piper’s Path Bright Phoebus Revisited
Poor Boy
Rovin’ Gambler
Run For Me/Interstellar Overdrive Summer Sundae Leicester 2006
Santa Clause is Back in Town Twisted Christmas Barbican 15.12.19
Shallow Brown False Lights EP
Sick and Tired Feral Cats (?)
Silent Night
Since I Met You Baby
Some Candy Talking
Son of a Gun
Still as the Night
Tell Me Mama Feral Cats (?)
That’s Alright Mama Feral Cats (?)
Tomorrow is a Long Time Dylan Fest 24.5.17
Tomorrow Never Knows Union Chapel 16.2.17
Train I Ride (Private birthday party)
Two Ragged Soldiers Scott Walker Prom
Valley of Tears BBC radio ? 2005
Water Boy
Words of Love various live gigs and radio shows
Young and Beautiful
You’re Right, I’m Left, She’s Gone

Author:  Joxer [ Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

For Songs done by other artists....

Long Black Train - Simple Minds (on the album - Acoustic)

Author:  Joxer [ Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings


Born Under a Bad Sign - The Crookes (Dreams of Another Day EP)

Author:  Dawoodcock [ Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recordings

Joxer wrote:

Born Under a Bad Sign - The Crookes (Dreams of Another Day EP)

Thank you for both additions.

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