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FA Cup finally to be completely diminished
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Author:  Craig [ Mon May 16, 2011 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  FA Cup finally to be completely diminished

Scrapping of replays bad enough.

Final not being the last game of the season this year was horrendous.

Next year the final's not even going to be kicking off at 3pm...

Shameful. Last piece of tradition and history sold off to the highest bidder.

Author:  Richard Hawley [ Mon May 16, 2011 6:23 pm ]
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thats bollocks isn't it?its ALL about the money,i enjoyed the final as did all those folks who went it must have been a boss vibe being there

Author:  RP [ Tue May 17, 2011 9:52 pm ]
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Soon it'll be played down the park with jumpers for goal posts. :roll:

Author:  exapno mapcase [ Wed May 18, 2011 9:59 am ]
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It's symptomatic of just how pathetic the FA is. They are a malleable bunch of powerless liggers just hoping to be pictured with David Beckham in the great World Cup swindle or whatever it is.

The cup has been devalued by the might of the Premier League no doubt but part of the power issue is caused by the failure of the FA to tame its own beast. Certainly the all pervasiveness of football on the telly has cheapened what used to be an all day spectacle once a year.

The marketing is insulting to fans, forever playing on the romance of years gone by and then charging fans to watch can't be arsed, not normally picked players as if they are being treated to an unending stream of Best Charlton and Law.

I missed my first cup final in 1989 when I was up in Scotland and watched the Scottish cup final instead (it was the first year it wasn't on BBC and ITV because my Dad recorded ITV by mistake, realised and thought it didn't matter because it was on ITV anyway.....I missed the final in 1991 as I was on the train back to Newcastle and since then I've missed a fair few because I work every other Saturday. 1992 I was there disgusted with the arrogance of Liverpool fans who watched their team win easily and react as if it was their birthright, I guess that's when I realised just how little the cup meant to the "big 5" or whatever they were at the time. Istill watch whenever I can and always hope for something more exciting than we get - that bit's football and I can live with that, it's the pretence that pisses me off and the fuck ups the game's administration make to appease half a dozen clubs who mainly fail in European competitions that are mostly devalued by the presence of losers (maybe if winning the FA cup got a place in the Champion's League that would change attitudes - they deserve it more than finishing 3rd or 4th in the league, often 10 or more points behind the leaders).

I miss cup final replays, I hate penalties and I detest the belittling of "the oldest club competition in the world" playing it before the last games in the league are scheduled and with matches taking place all over the country. Most football fans want to see the FA Cup final but if there team is playing that day then their first interest and loyalty is to their own club. Those fans attending 12.45 kick offs were left with little time to get home and the option of missing the final or watching it in the pub. It dissolves the family viewing aspect which I always enjoy and destroys the build up and atmosphere.

I'd love Sunderland to win the FA Cup again, it would be fantastic and the fans of about 80 odd clubs would love it too, why is it that the running of the game in this country revolves around the few who think they are above it?

There are no excuses. The FA know for sure that they can't curry favour with FIFA with all that grovelling arse licking crap, so now's the time to take charge of the game - if Manchester United and Chelsea want to fuck off then let them go and play Harlem Globetrotters football somewhere else.

The FA Cup is at 3pm on the first Saturday after the league programme has ended. ANything else is bollocks

Author:  Craig [ Wed May 18, 2011 10:34 am ]
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I remember being in town on Cup Final day when i was kid, the sports shops being decked out in the colours of the two finalists.
Build up on the TV starting stupidly early, but watching it all, because it was the Cup Final. And always BBC. Cup Final Question Of Sport!
This year i clicked the telly on at 3pm. Like you say, the football bit's still football (well until they find some way to fuck that up too).

Author:  Woodseats Traffic Jam [ Wed May 18, 2011 3:10 pm ]
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You're all right - The F A Cup final should always be the last game of the domestic season with no other matches on the same day.
I think that blaming the might of the Premier League as the reason on this one is completely incorrect - it was UEFA, who after granting the Champions League final to Wembley, insisted that no other games were played on the pitch for 2 weeks prior it - hence the F A Cup Final had to be brought forward.

Blame Platini at UEFA on this one guys!!

Author:  Craig [ Wed May 18, 2011 3:58 pm ]
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If the FA Cup final was to be the weekend after the league finished though, that would have made the final on May 28th. It's never that late. Even without the Champions League to consider, the Premier League would have influenced the date.

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